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Titleist AP1 714 Irons

Titleist AP1 714 Irons

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Product Description

 Titleist AP1 714 Irons

The new 714 AP1 irons are designed to more accurately define your iron shots, not from a greater distance standpoint but at the right distance and Titleist crafted these irons - without making the clubs bigger - specifically to improve ball flight and forgiveness. Though the cast AP1’s feature the largest club heads that Titleist makes, they are not as big as several competing models in the game-improvement category. Titleist adds that among the smaller-headed, game-improvement irons available, the AP1 is the most forgiving.
With the long irons (3-6) featuring thin faces designed to increase ball speed, dual-cavity construction that is now enhanced by a deep undercut beneath the topline in the upper cavity, and a lower cavity housing with a high-density tungsten weight in the toe section the 714 AP1’s are able to pull the sweet spot of the iron more to the center of the hitting area. Also, the soles of the long irons are wider than the last edition of the AP1 to make the clubs work through the turf more effectively and help steep-swingers avoid hitting fat shots. The leading edges of the 714 AP1 irons also are more rounded and camber has been added to the soles, all to help the clubs avoid digging into the ground.
The toplines and soles of the short irons have also been made thinner, but the short irons don't have the undercut in the top cavity like the long irons. Titleist also strengthened the lofts of the short irons by one degree. 

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Titleist AP1 714 Irons Review
Anonymous userrating 52014-03-28 20:09:46
why is everything so cheap?

Admin  Reply:The products supplied are from the OEM factories direclty which makes the price so low.

ericyao888rating 52014-03-14 19:08:04
Im from the philippines do u ship here? How cn i buy?

Admin  Reply:Yes, the order can be delivered to Philippine, and you can feel free to place your order online

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