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Ping G25 Irons

Ping G25 Irons

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  • NO.: ECS001281
  • List Price: $559.98
  • wholesale Price: $349.99
  • Save:$209.99
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Product Description

Ping G25 Irons


According to Ping: “The engineers have created a long, forgiving design with exceptional feel and distance control while maintaining a sleeker profile. The high-performance model features progressive sole widths, thinner top lines and moderate offset which will appeal to golfers of all abilities. Among the advancements that delivers both forgiveness and feel is the repositioned Custom Tuning Port (CTP). By lowering the CTP and aligning it directly with the impact area, weight was saved and redistributed to position the center of gravity for easy launch and expand the perimeter weighting to ensure forgiveness.”

The Ping G25 irons are high-launching, game-improvement implements with a dark, non-glare matte finish.
The boost to launch angle is achieved in part through Ping's Custom Tuning Port, which is ingetrated into the sole to move more of the clubhead's mass low. The CTP also aligns behind the clubface's impact zone, another way of lowering the center of gravity and boosting MOI.

It also helps create a solid impact feel - something Ping addresses in other ways, too: support bars in the cavity, plus a cavity badge, help create solid feel and sound.

The profile is sleeker with thinner toplines and moderate offset. The sole widths are progressive through the set, wider in the long irons for more forgiveness and assistance with launch angle, less-wide in the short irons for control.


Ping G25 Irons


Ping G25 Irons Review
Anonymous userrating 52014-07-22 20:27:30
you list these clubs as new. are they no. 1 clubs or they seconds.

Admin  Reply:Thanks for your message. All clubs are new Best regards

Anonymous userrating 52014-04-07 12:49:51
I need green dot 1/2" shaft length. Is that an option? Are you a reputable dealer?

Admin  Reply:Yes, we can supply the Green dot irons, you can just leave the message in the postscript when you place the order then we can have the clubs shipped out following your request.

Anonymous userrating 52014-02-15 05:43:19
I am interested in a set of Ping G25 irons. I am looking for the yellow dot with T189 graphite shafts with regular flex and gold grips. Do you have them? If so, what is the cost?

Admin  Reply:Sorry, the yellow dot irons can be supplied, but can not do the shaft requested.

Anonymous userrating 52014-02-11 18:13:11
Hi, Do you deliver to New Zealand? Any idea what would the postage be?

Admin  Reply:Yes, the orders can be delivered to customers in New Zealand, and there will be no extra shipping cost charged, unless there is a remote delivery address.

Anonymous userrating 52014-02-05 23:29:23
do you ship to abu dhabi uae

Admin  Reply:Yes,the irons can be delivered to your address.

Anonymous userrating 52014-02-03 14:50:43
Are the clubs the new 2013 G25 model

Admin  Reply:The are the 2013 model irons.

Anonymous userrating 52014-01-31 04:33:59
Can the Ping G25's be obtained in the Yellow Dot, 1/4" longer, and with a mid medium build up in the grip? Price?

Admin  Reply:Yes, you can leave message in the postscript when you please the order, and the grips can be of standard only, the price is posted on our website.

Anonymous userrating 52014-01-30 11:40:13

Admin  Reply:Yes, we can have the order delivered to your address, anything else in need of help welcome to contact us via this email.

Anonymous userrating 52014-01-23 14:11:39
Do you deliver to Australia and what would the standard postage be.

Admin  Reply:We are offering free shipping to AU addresses.

postborgrating 52014-01-21 16:56:59
Is it possible to get the irons with red dot?

Admin  Reply:Yes, you can leave message in the postscirpt when you place the order for the red dot irons.

gk2469rating 52014-01-19 02:38:22
Do you still have the iron sets available?

Admin  Reply:Yes, these irons are still available to be supplied.

Anonymous userrating 52014-01-11 10:07:31
this set comes with a pitching wedge and a san wedge?

Admin  Reply:Yes, there are the pitching wedge and sand wedge in the irons set.

puig12rating 52014-01-10 11:24:11
I just placed an order and it won't let me pay with MasterCard. It says visa only. Someone please help. Thanks

Admin  Reply:There are the Mastercard payment available, you can try again.

Anonymous userrating 52014-01-10 09:51:13
If ordering steel shaft does a black dot set come with PING CFS shafts? If ordering graphite, is there an up charge adn which PING graphite shaft is supplied? Thanks.

Admin  Reply:The standard graphite shaft can be supplied.

Anonymous userrating 52014-01-08 06:59:24
can I get blue dot 1" with midsize grips?

Admin  Reply:We can do the blue dot and shaft lenght adjusting, but the grips can be supplied standard only, just need your leaving message in the postscrip when you place the order.

Anonymous userrating 52014-01-06 12:26:52
Would it be possible to switch out the 3,4,5 irons for 3,4,5 hybrids?

Admin  Reply:Sorry we can not do this combo set.

Anonymous userrating 52013-12-31 12:35:14
It says 3-9PS. Instead of a sw can I get a g25 uw?

Admin  Reply:Sorry, we can not do such a combo set.

Anonymous userrating 52013-12-12 05:15:54
I need to be contacted ASAP. Are the clubs new? Are the clubs black dot?

Admin  Reply:Yes, the clubs supplied are brand new, and standard set will be black dot, if you leave message in the postscript for some other dot colors.

Anonymous userrating 52013-12-12 04:24:52

Admin  Reply:Yes, brand new irons supplied.

Anonymous userrating 52013-12-12 02:32:29
Ping G25 Irons All Ping products
NO.: ECS001281
List Price: $639.98 wholesale Price: $399.99
Is this a new set of clubs?

Admin  Reply:Yes, brand new irons supplied.

Anonymous userrating 52013-11-27 10:47:44
Wanted to order a set of Pings but no area to specify black dot for the sizing, is it possible?

Admin  Reply:Yes, the standard irons shipped will be black dot.

Anonymous userrating 52013-11-20 06:46:37
do you have shiping to Colombia?,i need the set irons with graphite shaft

Admin  Reply:Yes, we can ship products to address in Colombia.

Best Regards

Anonymous userrating 52013-11-19 05:19:49
Can I have the orange dot set and have the shafts shorten by 1/2"? Thank you.

Admin  Reply:Yes, we can supply this irons set, just need your leaving message in the order of the dot color and shaft length adjusting.

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